Our Services

How We Help

We provide trustworthy medical care for any and all pediatric conditions including, but not limited to:

- Asthma
- Allergy testing and treatment
- Personalized nutritional guidance
- Growth disorders
- Ear infections
- Rashes
- Developmental concerns/autism
- Birth control and menstrual problems
- Wounds requiring stitches
- Acne

- Depression/anxiety
- Sports and school physicals 
- Upper respiratory infections, strep throat, sinusitis
- Pneumonia, flu, bronchiolitis
- Fevers
- Sleep difficulties
- Sports injuries
- Breastfeeding trouble
- Constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain
- Fluoride treatments for cavity prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

What testing do you offer?

In our office, we offer rapid testing for: COVID, flu, strep, Biofire respiratory panels, urinary concerns, hemoglobin (anemia test), glucose, pregnancy, and mono. We also offer many send out tests, such as respiratory viral panels and stool studies, that can be collected during the visit, then transported via our courier service to the hospital.  

My child was sent home from school, can you clear him?

Yes we sure can. Depending on the situation, this can be done in person or via telemedicine.

I need a sports physical, should I just do the quick one at school?

No! A “sports physical” is the same thing as your yearly, comprehensive, preventative health physical. This visit is so important! In addition to sports clearance, we screen for many conditions such as thyroid disease, cancers, blood disorders, heart problems, and depression. We use the family history and the growth charts to help us know which tests to order and which conditions to watch out for. We carefully comb through your medical record to make sure you are up to date with specialists and labs. You simply cannot replace a thorough physical exam from your pediatrician with a quick once over at school! For safety and quality reasons, a yearly physical in our office is required in order to remain an active patient in our practice. We always offer convenient and quick scheduling options, give us a call.